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Yarriambiack Shire Council Municipal Office 

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We custom build truck bodies for all types of applications across all industry

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Moore Trailers Management team conducted a company audit in a move to increase efficiency, reduce overheads and improve their bottom line. Only after In-depth analysis from their detailed report, management singled out rising power costs one of the major areas for improvement now and looking toward the future. Shayne Moore (Managing Director) said "Escalating power costs was one thing they could not control and the only real way to counter the impact this would have on their operation would be to generate their own power and replace older inefficient electrical motors and equipment with the most efficient technologies currently available, consequently reducing their dependancy from the Grid" Shayne also noted that reducing their own carbon foot print would be a nice feel good benefit and he would hope to inspire other companies and his staff to do the same. Moore's are also now looking forward to expanding and building strong Business relations with other like minded companies. 

Stage #1

Installation of a 51kW Solar System

This was a great starting point for the main manufacturing site as the system is also set up to take the addition of another 50kW's.

Solar is great in the way it can be easily added to so business can actually see the results of the first installation through the impact on the next power bill then feeling totally secure and investing with complete confidence when it comes time to add additional solar capacity.


51kW ReneSola VII Solar Panels (204 Panels)

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x3 SMA TRI Power Inverters STP15000-TL

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IPD'S "InteliPro" Zero/Limited Export to Grid Protection Device

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System Size: 51kW 204 ReneSola Panels-------

System Location: Pittsworth QLD

Produce on average: 83,767kWh/Year

Avoid: 85 tonnes of CO 2 per year

Received: Up Front STC Rebate Of $39,000
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GL Solar Closing comments

At a time when manufacturing is on a decline at such a rapid rate in Australia, it is most reinvigorating to see this Business is leading the charge to a more sustainable & renewable future.

Moore's are a major employer in country Queensland (Toowoomba region). Moores are truly an Australian manufacturing success story, it's inspirational!

It has been a real great pleasure to be part of Team Moore's journey and for GL Solar to having worked with them.

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Forever Moore's

Commercial Home

Generate Your Own Power

 Workshops - Bore Pumps - Aeration Systems 

20kW Solar System Q-Cell Pro 235W

x2 10kW TRI POWER SMA Inverters

-Jondaryan QLD-

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Pittsworth Bowls Club -QLD-

16.5kW x66 ReneSola VII Panels

SMA TRI Power Inverter

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Warehousing Multiple Units 

Do you have a Warehouse running High Bay Lighting and Airconditioning for the Office ?

Businesses of this nature are known to consume considerable amounts of energy and generally speaking, the amount of energy used is charged at a much higher rate than say in heavy industry where kWh charges are around half the rate of a smaller consumer so considerable savings can easily be achieved.

-Mansfield QLD-

6kW 24 ReneSola VII Panels per Unit

 Delta 5kW Inverter - (10Yr Warranty)RC Inverter Pic.jpg

Commercial Home

Glenn & Carol Chinchilla x3 5kW systems & 1x 3kW System Delta Inverters/ EC Solar & Blue Sun Group Panels

We had previously had an estimate from a different company and decided that we could pay power bills for the next 20 years for the same cost as installing solar.  However we came across Graham at farmfest and after some discussion and costing estimates decided to go ahead with installations. We had solar installed at 4 houses and Graham was prompt and efficient and very helpful with the whole process. The quotes were quickly available and accurate. 3 of the houses are now in credit on the power bills and the other one is performing as expected.
We would happily recommend Graham to anyone looking to install solar.
Glenn and Carol    Kingaroy and Chinchilla

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3.29kW System Q-Cell 235W Panels & Delta 5kW Inverter

I had been researching solar power for some time and come to the conclusion that most of the " solar companies" were overpriced with inferior products. I had in fact shelved the idea of solar power. By chance I saw a solar display at a very reputable business that I deal with. From my previous research I knew that the products offered were good quality. The price however seemed too good to be true. I contacted GL Solar that day to obtain a firm quote. I was surprised when they did NOT Google me, instead,  Graham made an appointment to visit for the following day. He drove 3 hours from Brisbane to the Darling Downs ( he even arrived on time ) to assess my property and hand me a written quote. I signed on the dotted line then and there. True to his word, GL Solar took care of everything ; the paperwork, delivery, installation and notification to the electricity supplier. My 3kw system was installed quickly, professionally and without any hassle. GL Solar arrived in the morning and by that afternoon I was producing electricity. My Grid Connection was completed 6 days later. I have no hesitation in recommending Graham and GL Solar to anyone. 



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x2 PV Installations installed for Roy x1 3kW System x15 200W EC Solar Panels with 3kW Samil Inverter / 5kW Installation x25 200W EC panels & Delta 5kW Inverter

Dear Graham,

Just a few lines to say how happy I am with the solar systems installed by GL Solar. I first found GL Solar on the net their prices were competitive & they replied promptly unlike some other providers. I was pleased they completed on time with neat & professional installation.  The installations are working very well, and the 3kva at my house reduced the bill by 75% on the current account ,the Cooyar  account generates a positive cash flow and has generated 1600 kwh since its installation. I am very pleased with the systems.

Yours Roy.


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5.0kW System x20 Q-Cell Peak 250w & SMA 5000TL-21

Peak 5kva.jpg

" We are pleased with our decision to award the contract to glsolar for our solar system installation. Graham knowledge and competitive price were factors that influenced our decision. Graham attended to our initial contact promptly.  And as promised in our meeting, he gave us a breakdown of the cost and the expected savings without over estimating. After a short negotiation period, we happily awarded the contract to glsolar and Graham facilitated a smooth installation of the system. The solar system was installed on time and with no fuss or stress to us. We would highly recommend their services - Richard & Maria  from Carina.



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5kW Installation x20 250W Blue Sun Panels & Delta Solivia 5kW Inverter

 To Whom It May Concern.

Prior to the installation of our solar system at our residence in Chinchilla our average quarterly power bill amounted to $365.88. (calculated over 5 quarterly bills).

With the increases in power pricing, actual and predicted , it was decided that we should look at the benefits and cost of solar systems. Our ultimate goal with a solar system was to reduce our bill to nothing or as close to it as possible.

We were recommended by work associates who had previously dealt with the company to get a quote from Graham at GL Solar.

This, Graham did in a timely manner and after explaining the benefits and warranties it was decided we would proceed with the installation.

The system was installed on the 18th of December 2012, again in a timely manner, without fuss and adhering to the quoted price 100%.

Exactly one month later, Ergon came and upgraded our metering system, so that we could sell the excess power generated back to the grid. Up to that point the system was producing but without any benefit financially.

In  March  we received our first power bill since the installation, this in fact, and to our surprise was a credit of $114. This far exceeded our expectations.

We are extremely happy with this considering the new meter was only reflecting the benefit to us for 2 months (instead of3) and as well it is worth considering the first 3 months of 2013 have been extremely wet and overcast- this would surely affect power production output.

I can definitely recommend GL Solar for all the above reasons.

Yours Sincerely,

Bob Kerr

Sales Manager

Southern Cross Ford


07 4662 7042

0447 627 042




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Joy from Eltham VIC 4.4 kW Installation

Joy from Eltham in victoria is enjoying the savings from her new 4.4kW Solar system

Joys bill was on average around $350 and now she is $50 in credit :)

Installation Details

Joy's panels are West facing and are attached to a tile roof with an18Deg tilt. System production would be down up to 12% in winter months facing West but even with that said there is still clearly huge savings being made.

This installation has sun from

10am-4pm in summer 

& 11am-3pm in winter

Out side of these times there is shade as Eltham is a heavily treed suburb

Live Feed See How Joys system is performing right NOW!

You can click on the link below to see how Joy's system is currently preforming or check historical data from drop down box

The Graphics tab from web page will show a graph of todays performance


4.4kW Solar system 

Trina (x22) 200W Mono Solar panels

Delta Electronics 5kW Inverter


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