3.29kW System Q-Cell 235W Panels & Delta 5kW Inverter

Date: 7/May/2013

I had been researching solar power for some time and come to the conclusion that most of the " solar companies" were overpriced with inferior products. I had in fact shelved the idea of solar power. By chance I saw a solar display at a very reputable business that I deal with. From my previous research I knew that the products offered were good quality. The price however seemed too good to be true. I contacted GL Solar that day to obtain a firm quote. I was surprised when they did NOT Google me, instead,  Graham made an appointment to visit for the following day. He drove 3 hours from Brisbane to the Darling Downs ( he even arrived on time ) to assess my property and hand me a written quote. I signed on the dotted line then and there. True to his word, GL Solar took care of everything ; the paperwork, delivery, installation and notification to the electricity supplier. My 3kw system was installed quickly, professionally and without any hassle. GL Solar arrived in the morning and by that afternoon I was producing electricity. My Grid Connection was completed 6 days later. I have no hesitation in recommending Graham and GL Solar to anyone.