5kW Installation x20 250W Blue Sun Panels & Delta Solivia 5kW Inverter

Date: 12/Apr/2013

 To Whom It May Concern.

Prior to the installation of our solar system at our residence in Chinchilla our average quarterly power bill amounted to $365.88. (calculated over 5 quarterly bills).

With the increases in power pricing, actual and predicted , it was decided that we should look at the benefits and cost of solar systems. Our ultimate goal with a solar system was to reduce our bill to nothing or as close to it as possible.

We were recommended by work associates who had previously dealt with the company to get a quote from Graham at GL Solar.

This, Graham did in a timely manner and after explaining the benefits and warranties it was decided we would proceed with the installation.

The system was installed on the 18th of December 2012, again in a timely manner, without fuss and adhering to the quoted price 100%.

Exactly one month later, Ergon came and upgraded our metering system, so that we could sell the excess power generated back to the grid. Up to that point the system was producing but without any benefit financially.

In  March  we received our first power bill since the installation, this in fact, and to our surprise was a credit of $114. This far exceeded our expectations.

We are extremely happy with this considering the new meter was only reflecting the benefit to us for 2 months (instead of3) and as well it is worth considering the first 3 months of 2013 have been extremely wet and overcast- this would surely affect power production output.

I can definitely recommend GL Solar for all the above reasons.

Yours Sincerely,

Bob Kerr

Sales Manager

Southern Cross Ford


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