Joy from Eltham VIC 4.4 kW Installation

Date: 8/Mar/2013

Joy from Eltham in victoria is enjoying the savings from her new 4.4kW Solar system

Joys bill was on average around $350 and now she is $50 in credit :)

Installation Details

Joy's panels are West facing and are attached to a tile roof with an18Deg tilt. System production would be down up to 12% in winter months facing West but even with that said there is still clearly huge savings being made.

This installation has sun from

10am-4pm in summer 

& 11am-3pm in winter

Out side of these times there is shade as Eltham is a heavily treed suburb

Live Feed See How Joys system is performing right NOW!

You can click on the link below to see how Joy's system is currently preforming or check historical data from drop down box

The Graphics tab from web page will show a graph of todays performance


4.4kW Solar system 

Trina (x22) 200W Mono Solar panels

Delta Electronics 5kW Inverter