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Welcome to Solar & Energy Finance

Solar & Energy Finance is a highly specialised, experienced finance service dedicated solely to providing finance solutions to residential and commercial customers, solar installers and the energy sector.

We provide flexible and transparent solutions for residential or commercial solar & energy installations right across Australia, including PV solar, batteries, storage, LED lighting, power factor correction, air conditioning, electrical, refrigeration, pumps, irrigation, fire systems and much more!

We offer our business partners and their customers prompt, efficient and professional advice backed up by genuine old fashioned personal service.
Solar & Energy Finance is a proudly 100% Australian family business with no affiliations or ownership links to any bank, lender, or solar company or installer.



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Residential Solar & Energy Finance

With soaring electricity bills and attractive Government incentives, the surge in popularity of Solar PV systems for households has been incredible.

Now with new battery storage technology in the marketplace, homeowners can even go completely “off the grid” and have total control over their energy consumption and costs. Just as Solar installations are a very technical and skilled area of expertise, so is Solar Finance. Here at Solar & Energy Finance we specialise in finance options for PV Solar and energy related products.

We hold accreditations with funders that are specialists in solar energy loans, whereas most major banks and lenders are not comfortable with solar financing and they prefer taking a mortgage over your house. At Solar & Energy Finance we offer unsecured solar loan options.


We also offer fast and genuine personal one-to-one service, you can call our office and chat to our team anytime without going through the frustrating layers of a bank call center overseas and then waiting 2 weeks for the bank to give you an answer to your loan application.

Solar & Energy Finance offers consumers a competitive, simple to understand and transparent solar loan solution designed to reduce your stress and suit your budget.

WARNING!! Be careful of the so-called “Interest Free” or “No Interest Ever” solar payment plans as these work by the supplier increasing the cost of your solar system quote by between 23% – 45% upfront and then the solar supplier pays this “fee” back to the finance company upfront! So in reality you have actually paid all of the interest charges upfront! Remember the old saying, there is no such thing as a free lunch in banking and finance!


Unsecured Solar Loan

At Solar & Energy Finance we offer two residential finance options (one over a 5-year term and the other a 7-year term) designed to suit your individual circumstances.

Features Include:

  • 100% no deposit finance*
  • Loans from $3,000 to $50,000*
  • Fast approvals
  • Choice of loan term from 1-7 years*
  • Principal and Interest daily reducing loans
  • No early repayment fees ever on our 5-year loan*
  • Extra repayments allowed which reduces the interest and loan term
  • Funds payed electronically at settlement
  • Loan options for PAYG employees, self-employed persons, self-funded retirees or Centrelink Beneficiaries
  • Homeowners and non-homeowners accepted*

* To approved applicants, terms & conditions, fees and charges apply


Which residential solar loan is right for me?

If you are…

  • PAYG employee, self-employed, or a self-funded retiree, and,
  • A homeowner with at least 10% equity in your home, and,
  • Require less than $15,000 total loan

Then we invite you to use our Residential 5-Year loan.

For repayments and application form please visit our Forms page

If you are…

  • A Centrelink beneficiary (Disability Allowance, Carers Allowance, Aged Pension, Family Payments & Allowances, Widows, Veterans Affairs), or,
  • PAYG employee, self-employed, or a self-funded retiree, or,
  • A homeowner or non-homeowner, or,
  • Require greater than $15,000 total loan

Then we invite you to use our Residential 7-Year loan.

For repayments and application form please visit our Forms page

If you are still unsure or have any questions at all we encourage you to call our office where our friendly staff can discuss your personal circumstances and recommend the best product for you.

Solar Home Equity Loan

If you prefer not to use our solar personal loan, or if you require a larger loan amount and want a lower interest rate, then we can also advise you on a strategy using the equity in your home.

Please visit our Forms pages for
Loan Repayment Guides
Loan Application Form
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