Residential  - 5.2kw Zever Solar System

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Price: $5,250.00


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  • Inverter:Zever Solar 5000
  • Panels:20 x 275 Watt trina panels
  • Battery Option: SMA Sunnyboy Storage
  • Makes: 25kwhrs/day average
  • On-grid and Off-grid
  • Anti-PID: Qualified to Withstand PID (Potential Induced Degradation) *
  • Guaranteed Quality: 12 Year Workmanship, 25 Year Linear Performance Warranty **  
  • Predictable Output: Positive Power Sorting, 0 to +5 Watt
  • Innovative Technology: 3BB Cell, Improved Module Efficiency and Power
  • Harsh Environment Resistance: Verified against Salt Mist and Ammonia Corrosion
  • Better Performance: Improved Low Light Irradiance Performance and TCOE


Other options available

We also sell other brands and can sorce any product from our suppliers. We currently only stock SMA and Qcell

System Monitoring

SMA: Sunny explorer: Free Bluetooth Moitoring

SMA: Energy Meter

SMA: Home Manger


  • 7 Year warranty on workmanship
  • Installations up to 10 kW are normally completed within a day
  • We are licensed Electrical Contractors 
  • We have been doing this for years and years
  • We are CEC Accredited in Solar System Design & Installation
  • We are accredited for Solar Grid connected & Off Grid Installations

    (Quick Comparison Table)                         The below table is an indication of what you would expect to achieve by installing a solar system with new power buy back scheme for power not purchased from the Grid, by directly using the power  that your solar system produces.

aa panel Data.pngAA Inverter Data.png
AA Monitoring.pngAA Feed in Tariffs.png
AA How it works.pngAA How to use power.png
System Size & Cost- (Roof Area M²) 
*Output-kWhr/Day & kWh/Year
3 kW
13.1kWhr/Day & 4,783/kWh/Year
ROI 5.3 Years
4 kW
17.13kWhr/Day & 6,254kWh/Year
ROI 4.7 Years
5 kW
21.2kWhr/Day & 7,726kWh/Year
ROI 4.2 Years

*Table Notes in pop up here 

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