LED Lighting

Philips: Essential Downlight LED

is the latest offering in the Philips 90mm
downlight porfolio.

Offering energy savings of up to 75%, long lifetime, and dimmability, this simple retrofit solution is perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

With a low profile, and flush finish, the product is easy to install, and will look subtle in the ceiling space.

 philips downlight.JPG

Philips: SmartBright LED Flood

is the latest addition to the Philips
LED luminaire range. This versatile luminaire is an affordable and ideal
choice for multi-purpose floodlighting. Its solid construction and high
quality finish ensure that it is not only water and dust proof but also
highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and outdoor environments,
making it your choice lighting for outdoor, building, industrial and
retail applications.

philips smartbright led flood.jpg

Philips: Tango LED Flood

is a general purpose LED flood lighting luminaire for various lighting applications, such as area lighting, bill board, façade, industry area, and other general applications. The Tango LED flood light incorporates LED light source, optical system, heat sink and driver into one compact housing. Its specially designed heat sink incorporates aesthetics and functionality ensures reliability and long lifetime. Tango LED takes advantage of LED technology which provides energy savings and a longer lifetime,
bringing area lighting into a new era.

philips tango flod.jpg

Philips: GreenPerform Highbay Gen2

Ideal for factories, warehouses, distribution centres, and light industrial.
Philips GreenPerform LED highbay Gen2 is designed to replace 250W and
400W HID highbays, offering up to 60% energy savings, whilst delivering
long lifetime, in often hard to reach maintenance areas. Gen2 version
sees a reduction in glare by up to 20%, as well as a wide variety of light
outputs, from 9,000 lm, all the way up 24,000 lm.

philips highbay.jpg